Police Officer Saves Sea Turtles

Police Officer Saves Sea Turtles

A police officer’s job is to protect and serve, and that typically applies to humans. However a police officer in Sarasota, Florida happily extrapolated that to sea turtles, according to this Yahoo article, “Cop Saves Sea Turtle Hatchlings at Florida Resort.” Apparently, Officer Derek Conley was on duty when he noticed dozens of baby sea turtles walking around the parking lot and front walkway of the Lido Beach Resort. The newly hatched turtles are attracted to light, and instead of heading to the ocean, they were likely drawn toward the lights of the hotel. According to the report, the officer and hotel guests acted quickly, gathering the 90 to 100 baby turtles in a box and releasing them into the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo credit: Mark Sullivan, NOAA affiliate 


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